Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Organizing my triumphant return!

I was telling one of my best friends about
             what I have been up too lately. "You know I put up
                       a post on to find my MARY MAGDALINE. I asked
                                 for a woman to believe in me when nobody else would, and who
would wash my hair and not mind getting called a whore for the rest
 of eternity even though she is a nurse. And some lady actually
          answered the add and sent me a picture!"

             Than I told him "I went on craigslist and advertised for some fisherman or dock workers.  Serious relationships only men searching
                             for men. This aint gonna be a casual thing you know.  Again I was looking for faithful men who would follow me wherever I went would organize the funds, make travel arangments and don't bail on me when the going got tough!" Guess what? I got responses to those ads too!
We were having a good time with the whole thing. We laughed and shared our thoughts. How I would have too answer every questions with a question and teach mostly in story form. If I get accused by the authorities of anything at all just turn there own words back on them. We had some more laughs until my friend said,,,YEAH ED, THATS GREAT BUT YOU KNOW WHERE THE STORY ENDS.

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