Friday, May 2, 2014

You wanna do what to me?

It is crazy. All of it. I am crazy. This journey has taught me a lot yet I am so much further away than I was before. I have learned however how depraved people can be. Some guy actually emailed me that he wanted to give me head because he always wanted to give somebody with a Christ complex a blow job! What is wrong with people? He even promised in his note that he would swallow! But who am I to call him crazy? I am the one with the Messiah complex! I learned people are desperate to cling to something, anything, like passengers tossed off a ship. I had several random guys offer to leave everything and join me after reading my craigslist post! I learned that people are very lonely. Women sent pictures of themselves after I announced I was looking for my Mary Magdaline! I only advesrtised to get people to visit my blog!, I did not realize I was opening Pandoras box. What the heck!  What is this place I find myself in? I started this blog to exercise something that has been nagging me with intensity for the last decade or two. Why do I concentrate so much on being the Messiah? Why is it that I feel the Universe telling me this? What a joke. I am the worst. I cuss and turn every conversation dirty. The perverted thoughts that run through my head are just gross. If anything I'm the devil. Or Jesus' other brother Jerry, you know the one the family doesn't like to talk about. Either way. Its time I got over my Jesus complex and moved on. Hi, my name is Jerry.

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