Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Burning down my House !

Its one of those dreams I have had frequently. Do you ever have one of those? The same theme running through your dreams as you sleep? I used to have  a different one as a child: Someone would push me in a pool and than put a lid on it so I couldn't surface and breath. It didn't stop me from going in water.
 Lately the theme has been my own house burning down.

Smoldering and crackling the black soot billows away from me in the other direction. I haven't a care in the world as I stand there on the roof top and watch for shooting stars. Falling timbers, the destruction, and the hissing and screaming wood are pleasant music. I visit with friends, drink a little coffee, share a laugh and feel the warmth of my house burning down.
 Its not my house but it is.

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