Saturday, April 19, 2014


Don't go to Church to praise me: I'd rather you find me in the street bruised, stinking, rotting from the inside out pushing a shopping cart. Look into my bloodshot eyes and say you love me.

Don't go to Church and bend down on your knees: Go find the person you need to apologize too even though it wasn't your fault, and than get down on your knees before me.

Don't sing to me in Church!: Go to an old folks home find a sick, tired, and lonely old man and than sing to me.

Don't put your money in the basket!; Go to the nearest welfare office and give it too me there Ill be the one standing in line before it opens.

Don't go to Church and call me great things!: Go find the person you have judged most, and call them great things.

I went the distance. Now I need you to go the distance!

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