Tuesday, June 10, 2014

whose your Master?

                          I have learned so much from my master in the last few days.

"Put a full suite of armor on!" I assume that means now since ive always just prayed for it and have never been told to do it! My biker buddy Dan is master.

We were sitting at a campfire and Big Tanya says, "Well special Ed looks like your the chosen one, you have to make the sacrifice, someone has got to do it. Glad it was you". Big Tanya is the master.

Being afraid of the dark is normal and "o.k." We can learn to get over it. Its obvious he has been my master since day one, my Grandson. He also sees something I dont, and it scares him.

"In order for a tree to reach Heaven the trees roots have to touch Hell". Sometimes the stars are my master!

Its better to sit quietly and listen without saying anything at all. My Son after all is master of all.


"All the world loves you, but you are nowhere to be found. Hidden and yet completely obvious".
                                                                        ~ Rumi

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