Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Robot Jesus and the Isle of Lesbos.

                                               Robot Jesus and the Isle of Lesbos.

     Robot Jesus woke that stunning morning feeling fully charged! Even his carberateur felt squeaky clean! The lesbians who owned the bed and breakfast where he awoke had done a great job with the farm. There were pots for catching the rain water, wildflowers, fennel, garlic, onions, and tomatoes. A dog named Tickle who liked to be tickled. Also a hi tunnel greenhouse, french press coffee, and of course the Lesbians. Robot Jesus was fond of the one with the big tits and a beard!
     The constant fresh breeze began to make Robot Jesus feel human again so it was time to leave the Isle of Lesbos http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lesbos The main Lesbian asked for help with driving as she was not familiar with our highways. Shes British so she does everything the wrong way around of course!cnet.com/news/from-driving-to-file-sharing-the-brits-do-it-backwards/

My dear Lord,
     Don't let us worship you like a robots, increase our ability to live as you lived, to love as you loved, and to sacrifice as you sacrificed. Thank you for all of your blessings, for we are royalty, blessed by the King of Kings, the King of Peace, the King of Glory!
Pray for me my Brothers and sisters can I get an......

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