Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I am no different than Bowe Bergdahl

Dear Heavenly Father,
     I don't know much about anything. If this Blog offends you, I am sorry, I am actually trying to celebrate you and our relationship. The way you always encourage me. Bless me. Carry me. Try to convince me that I am your very son. When was the last time that I delighted you? When was the last time I just blew you away? I know it hasn't been lately. I have been reduced to just a shell of the man I used to be. There are people who try to convince me that you do not exist. In many ways I am the traitor that walked right over to the enemies camp and made myself at home. But you traded five of the enemy for me to return to the Kingdom. Thank you for my freedom, and keep me from evil and the hands of those who now hate me. I will always tell the truth. My Father and his Kingdom do exist. I love the Lord my God, and this is the way.

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