Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jesus and employment

They said he was a carpenter, but nobody ever mentioned that he wasn't very good at it! He screwed up again!


He hopped around various jobs getting let go for one reason or another. One contractor who thought he was still relevant even fired him because he didn't like what he was Preaching during his free time! A different employer was convinced he smoked pot, but could never catch him or get a "dirty" drop. He is God after all. So they fired him for no good reason.

After his unemployment ran out Mary gave him such a hard time for being a slacker that he was forced to get a job.

 The only one he could get given his Messiah status and all. Minimum wage!
                                       7.40 USD per hour (January 1, 2014)

After taxes, expensis, etc....it really made Jesus wonder what he could do with his four dollars that they were to give him every hour?

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