Sunday, April 12, 2015

How can I be the son?

I said to him? How can I be son? How Can I be the holy one?? Havent you seen what I ve done? How can I be the only one ? Isnt that asking to much? Im sure they think im the devil now, its like they read my mind. it tortures all of my time. How can be the son? how can be the holy one? Isnt it to late for me? ,

   and he just smiled at me.  " They said that about me too ... and than he sang
         Your Kingdom waits for you
         you know whats got to be done
times a wasting my son  come on come come come on and follow there follow into Fathers paradise open your eyes if you want to see,, open open open to everything
your kingdom for you. Your kingdom waits for you

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