Saturday, January 10, 2015

I also have a brother named James.

I too have been misunderstood as much as I have misunderstood. Just like you I have fasted in the desert for forty one days and camped next to our father in the glorious sunshine that followed the rain. Like you I brought good tidings from the Kingdom and left the imprint of glory on ghosts unaware. The children believe in me like they believe in you. There devotion is heartbreaking and a tribute to you, did it seem that way to you too? Wake me up as I sleep tonight, come to my window and radiate it with your light and the angels heralds delight, transform me into the man you meant me to be for our name sake alone! Have mercy on your enslaved son for the sake of your famous mercy for I too have a brother named James who encouraged me to "see it through".

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