Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Repeat Bay

I am pretty sure there are more empty houses than occupied ones in this town. Some of them have given up and yielded to the forces of nature leaving just one or two visible walls jutting up from the earth. Debris is everywhere. Under the bushes, trees, along the roadsides, old appliances, household goods, and whiskey bottles with the labels worn off. The buildings downtown were long ago deserted. Now there is just broken windows, weeds growing in the gutters, and more debris. The few shopkeepers who still bother to hang a sign  look dirty and worn out and the life has left there eyes years ago. There is just enough left, like the crumpled edges of an old photograph, to see that this was once the place to be. That was long ago. Now it is just for the passing through and not the destination. No one left held any hope that this seaside town would rise back up to its former glory. The bay was filled with rotting stinking fish boats that hadn't been seaworthy in years. Some of the boats were half sunk as the great ship TRUTH in her quiet splendor slipped just pass them and dropped her anchor.

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